. Filed under: —  Comments (0) could use your help in the following ways:

  • Send links to more instances of gumbaby comment threads – obviously! If you see a Gumbaby thread in the wild, let me know. For the most part I’m looking for posts which have a number of misguided comments on them, though I may make exceptions for shorter comment threads which are striking in some way.
  • Provide referrer information about people visiting a thread. If you’re a blogger or site administrator who is able to capture information about the search strings bringing gumbaby commenters to your site, the browsers/engines they’re using, where they live, etc., I would love to see it. Getting this information and being able to aggregate it will help me develop a typology of the kind of user I should be looking at when I start to find a population.
  • Post a banner and direct commenters to my site instead of yours. Yes, seriously. If you are a blogger or site administrator and would be willing to post a banner/badge/link somewhere in the post which is attracting misguided commenters, please let me know. (It only needs to go on the particular gumbaby post, not the front page of your blog.) This could be another means for me to get information about the population I should be looking at, and possibly even
    recruit participants for my study.
  • Design help. Bloody hel1 but I suck at graphic design. If you feel like the site would be better served with a different look, by all means take a stab at cleaning it up or overhauling it.

Thanks! If you’d like to talk about collaborating in one of the above ways, send me a comment below.

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