"HANNAH MONTANA! HANNAH MONTANA!."   Famous last words from the blogger: "you guys realize she doesn’t post here, right? and that she’s a fictional character? but more importantly, this is not a way to contact her directly."
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Ok all you posers wanna be’s biggest hannah montana fan well you don’t know me i have 22 peices of hannah montana candy my bed room is totally full of hannah montana posters and my bed is hannah montana and so is my t.v everything in my bedroom is miley/hannah

i live in tennessee where miley is at right now shooting her movie. i met her again at our mall (the grand old opry mall in nashville tennessee) people that think i didnt met her tell me when i care which is never

im her biggest fan i have exsacly 10 items in hannah montana clothes her purse and backpack and her video game on the wii.her pens and notebooks and ascessiories. i know every single one of her songs and her new songs like 7things.

i am her biggest fan dont say that you are okay ^_^ good

I’m sick to death of Hannah Montana gumbabies, because there are trillions of them and it’s pretty clear it all comes from kids being too young to use the Internet. But I’m sorry, I just don’t ever get tired of “# things of the celebrity” posts. I mean, I understand the collecting impulse, I had enough My Little Ponies to drown me as a kid, but what I don’t understand is the boasting and defending fandom impulse.

But I do love when it gets phrased “I have her backpack and her clothes and her Wii.” You’d think the poor celebrities had been robbed of their possessions.

Also, I don’t think 22 pieces of Hannah Montana candy makes you more of a fan than someone else who has 22 other fan items of a non-consumable nature. I mean, you might EAT the candy, and then uh oh, you’re suddenly less of a fan.

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