"Richard Branson."   The president of a corporation, elliptically referring to an earlier post in which he patted an employee on the back, inadvertently opens the sluice gates and welcomes seekers of billionaire Richard Branson into his comment thread
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trading in bio-fuels in the hope to cut air pollution made by fossile fuels. CO2 must be worked on in a much harder form. I am set in dedicating my life to the reduction of GHG via means of introducing SVO into the engines of power generation and machinery. Of course I need help, who doesn’t. This time we live in will see the changes of energy production turn.
All I want is to build my empier, and keep it running for the future generations of Great Grand kids and longer.
Once the show is up and running, it will be time to bring out the book of ideas and inventions gathered during those smoggy nights down the squat.
Better myself by growing and rising the connections here are too far to write.
So I stay, eyes closing at a flicker. Time to click on that red square with the white circle and line,.,.,.,.goodnight .,.,.,.,.,
From a Place called Tokyo where the hours are ahead. But the education system behing , to a certain extent that is

This is a genre I don’t post too often because I haven’t found too many: inventors seeking support from financiers or validation from academics. As I may have mentioned, we got a quantity of these when I was working at one of Caltech’s alumni magazines.

Half the time the people writing seem to be bonkers. This guy is borderline. At the least, he thinks he’s a poet (of punctuation?), and he’s still writing to the wrong place. There are crazier and less-crazy people seeking Branson’s money in this thread — the woman who claims she’s invented a device which can solve crimes; the man who wonders what Branson thinks about running a high-speed train from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

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