"Tyra Banks."   In the wilds of a run-of-the-mill reality TV show fan forum, a fan asks Tyra Banks for help finding her father.
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Hi Tyra,

Ikonw i probly wont get help with this but its worth a shot so here i go. My name is victoria im form [redacted] South Carolina im also 19 years old and has never see or even talked to my father. I know his name and thats it i understand why every one wants to keep me from him, but for as long as i can remember ive always felt like somethings missing. The only reason why i thing he wouldn’t try to find me is that he realy doesnt eant me or either he scared to make the frist move after 19 years. How am i suppost to know who i really am if i dont know who i come from. I think every girl should at least have a chance to talk to her father at least once, Ive tried so hard to look for him myself but always came up with nothing. Tyra, if you could just help me find him it would mean everything to me i would give everything i have just to talk to him one time. Tyra please help me find him please.
Thank you

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