""   A blogger discovers a renaissance in Christian website design, particularly on Commenters discover that using as a post title makes your blog look an awful lot like to a search engine.
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Is it wrong too have pictures of angles an figureines in your home? We have them in our home. Our cousin says its wrong to have them in your home. She said it worshiping them not Jesus. I disagree.

I wonder if acute or obtuse angles are worse. Obviously right angles put you on the good path.

Other noteworthy phrases appearing in this comment thread:

“also God to give me strenght to carry on and for God to destroy the plans of the enemies for my life and family”

” i also wanted your bibly study.”

“she going to court, and she favor with the court, devil has his hands on all my childern”

“Gob bless you.”

also, a guy asking about malignant skin lesions, apparently completely unrelated to Billy Graham, because someone else in the thread spelled “lukiemia” the same way.

p.s. Yes, I know I just made this whole morass worse by linking to this page with the text Hopefully this will create more delightful misconceptions for us all. I mean, c’mon, there’s got to be a silver lining someplace.

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