"Miley Cyrus on CrunchGear."   The editors of CrunchGear, a blog about tech gadgets, had their suspicions that pop star Miley Cyrus was posting on one of their articles. Eventually they decided the poster was a fraud, but commenters started writing fan letters to Miley anyway.
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miley you know me [redacted] your biggest fan i have your wig i am getting everything of you but one thing i dont have
so one day i would really like to meet you in person but in Nashville and i am really fun to hang out i mite be 11 but i am turning 12 .so if you would like to chat with me please call [redacted] but please call me beacuse i really want to play on one of your shows thats one way i can meet you bye know xoxoxo. Luv ya miley cyrus remeber i will always be your biggest me please

By now you know what I’m gonna say: “Miley Cyrus on CrunchGear” has got to be one of the most misleading titles ever.

Also, the cultural studies side of me is interested in the phrase “I have everything of you,” which has come up twice now. Collecting people? Creepy. Especially when we’re talking about wigs, for crying out loud.

The comment right before this, which in part reads “no wonder ur a great girl ur a Christian witch means u belive in god i am to and Christians rock the world,” is also kind of excellent. I’m not much of a grammar and spelling nazi, believe it or not, but this is one of those times when it really matters: it took me forever to figure out the commenter wasn’t saying Miley was a Christian witch and believed she herself was a god.

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