"YouTube chain letters (THIS IS TRUE)."   Josh at Communications from Elsewhere bemoans the chain letters he's found on YouTube. Somehow, instead of riches and good luck, all he gets from reposting these comments is more and more peculiar comments.
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aight niggas this littl3 shit isnt r3al, its just bull crap to mak3 u scar3 yeah if those p3ople cam3 to my fucking hous3 th3r3s gona b3 plob3ms betw33n me and thos3 fucking p3opl3!! aight w33l lat3rs and trust m3 this is fuckin fak3!w3ll m3xicans ar3 th3 b3st and th3re b3tt3r th3n whit3 p3opl3!!! P3ACE AND IN GOD W3 TRUST!!!

The orthography (?) on this one gives me spooky reminiscences of the time my own blog became the #1 site on the ‘Net for “dancing the Crip Walk.” If I’m remembering right, every time a Crip sympathizer commented, they inserted a k after every B (for “Blood killer”), making their comments more unreadable than most ‘leet.

What I want to know is, why does she think people are gonna come to her house? Also, I wonder how people found their way to Josh’s site. Thanks again to Josh for the long list of gumbabies his blog’s been saddled with.

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