"Overhaulin'."   Blogger Thomas Wolf comments on an ill-considered invasion of privacy by the TV show Overhaulin'; his blog floods with comments from people who think they are writing to the show itself.
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My name is Lynn, and I’m writing on behalf of my husband. He has two vehicles that he was working on,but unfortunatly he has become disabled. One was a 65 Mustang 2+2 the other is a 79 Chevy Pick-up [step side]. He could use a little help on one of them. We are raising our 12 year old daughter, and SSI does not go to far. If you could find it in your hearts to help a little bit that would be wonderful. He is turning 50 in June and that would be the nicest gift I could give him. He never asks for anything for himself it’s always for someone else.He was a volunteer Firefighter/EMT,coached many youth sports activaties,and help with local groups that help the needy once again never asking for himself.
Thank you for at least listening to me. Hope to hear from you ,but please don’t let my husband know.Thanks again.

This comment models the characteristics of most other comments in the thread: They’re largely written by women. The women describe a man whose only joy in life is working his car, but because of hardship (financial, medical, or time) he has no time to finish the car. “He never asks for anything for himself” is a recurrent theme. So is “this is the best gift I could give him.”

This gumbaby was eventually mentioned on A Whole Lotta Nothing, drawing a number of commenters who largely arrived to mock earnest commenters like these, though one of the second wave of commenters took a moment to note the similarities in the first wave of comments. is defunct now, but before it was mothballed, its author took the time to make its tagline read “NOT the home of Overhaulin’” — linking to the site of the show itself. Maybe Wolf wouldn’t agree, but it seems telling he went so far as to change his blog this way. As the author of a multiply-gumbabied blog myself, I’d say having a flood of confused visitors show up on your site changes how you conduct yourself as a blogger.

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