"Change or Delete Your Homepage in Page Creator."   A helpful blog which follows Google developments gives tips on how to delete your Google homepage. Unfortunately, this is not the homepage most people are looking to delete.
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i don’t want google for my homepage. i’m happy with msn. please remove google now or I[‘ll sue. I did not ask you to do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The more I think about it the more I realize how ambiguous the term “homepage” becomes here. When the Internet and I were both young back in 1995, many people’s homepages were pages they actually crafted in HTML themselves, like the homepages the original blog post is about. These often held links people wanted access to quickly. The commenter here, by contrast, is talking about setting the URL of the first page (s)he sees when the browser boots up. But who really even uses homepages as such anymore? They’re not the pages we used to save links on. The terminology here is a little befuddling all around.

Not bad enough to sue over, though.

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