"Toys For Tots."   Once again, a short post on the vague, dead-link-addled FamilyFirst blog attracts pleas from the hopeless.
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i am single mom trying to get my kids something for xams in one time i said there was no god until i saw your web site on my computer so if you out there please help i have 3 kids e mail me or call me on my cellphone at [redacted] thanks. love yolanda.

First time I’ve seen anyone going to Toys For Tots online, rather than Warren Buffett or Bill Gates. The humility of the request, by comparison, is rather touching.

Happy Holidays, everyone. Just remember, there are a lot of people out there who are still needy enough to make pleas like this. They weren’t born stupid; they haven’t been brain damaged, for the most part; and contrary to the beliefs of many of the bloggers who respond to these posts, I’m not convinced that weeding them out of the gene pool is “the solution.” These are people who merely weren’t as fortunate as you and I were when it came to being born into families with good access to print and Internet literacy skills.

Maybe you could take some time in the New Year to at least help them get the computer skills they need to make these requests to people who can actually assist them? (If you need ideas, let me know.)

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