"ashleyolsen's Profile."   If your comment falls in the woods of the Internet and Ashley Olsen isn't there to hear it, should you get upset?
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i know both of you are very famaous.. but why u cannot reply our cmmnt?? so arrogant is of a genre of website that worries me a little bit. It has some of the trappings of a social networking site, but also many of the features (font, blandness, link density) of domain-camping or optimization sites. It feels like something built to play on your social impulses for the sake of advertising, and you know that creeps me out. (Second link is only safe for work if your work is cool with suggestions of puppet nudity.) And clearly, people don’t distinguish between sites like these and Facebook.

Anyway, this comment just struck me because of the indignance at a supposed celebrity’s perceived silence. It’s an eerily similar echo of the original gumbaby myth.

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