"See Hannah Montana mania touch down on Long Island."   Newsday's business blog calls down the maelstrom of Miley Cyrus fans by describing the marketing strategy of a recent concert of hers.
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Dear;Hannah Montana i am your biggest fan and so is my cousin favorite song of your is “who said” and my cousin taylors favorite song of your is “see you again”.your the best popstar or super star or whatever you are in the intire world.


your biggest fan kayla and taylor

‘PS: love yah love yah show”

You know I’m beginning to scrape the bottom of the barrel when I get down to the Miley Cyrus comments, which are friggin’ legion. (I’m trying to space them out with other topics so you don’t get a run of them all at once.)I mean, the Hannah Montana comments. They are often writing to the fictional persona. She’s got to be the most mis-written-to person on the Internet; small wonder considering the age of her fans. (But why are parents leaving their elementary-age kids on the Internet unsupervised?)

This is another comment to a newspaper comment section, though, which I think is interesting. And I don’t see how the you-have-a-face-for-print-media pictures of Newsday reporters in the sidebar didn’t dissuade this young commenter from seeking Miley there.

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