"The Guiness Book of World Records."   A vaguely spammy-looking blog which supposedly offers family-friendly content directs its readers to the Guiness (sic) Book of World Records. Over a hundred people respond that they have an important, unique talent which should be included in the book.
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Hi, I live in New Zealand and would like to invite hair dresser from Bosnia ( 26 hours flight ) to come to cut my hair. Think it will be world recors because there is nothing behind New Zealand. What to do? Thanks

Like so many comments, this comes from a thread with close competition. It won because of the writer’s assumption that “there is nothing behind New Zealand.” I am assuming the writer means there’s not much in the Pacific, and the Pacific is somehow the end of the world?! Has (s)he only ever looked at a flat map of the world which was drawn from a European perspective? Man o nam. And Bosnia, WTF?! How does that qualify as the farthest point from New Zealand, from any perspective?

My runners-up: the elected official who wanted to get his sung acceptance speech in the Guinness Book; the Live Action Role-Playing (LARP — think those high school kids who make their own fake swords to fight each other) gamers who think they held the longest LARP (and have no idea how much competition they’re up against). It was a surprise to me that the latter would not be able to figure out they weren’t commenting on the Guinness Book website. Not so much a surprise about the former, but the hubris over petty accomplishments was amusing.

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