"My Wonderful Guestbook."   Look, it's a guestbook! Does it belong to a fan? To Britney Spears? Who the heck cares! Let's write some poetry!
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My Angel Before you it was all unclear I wished for all my problems to disappear It was a fear of never feeling happiness or joy My problems were always on my mind, there to annoy I wanted to overcome it all and not allow it destroy My suffering had caused me so many tears The feeling of being unwanted and out of place Made me cold, distant, and always needing my space My heart felt hallow and empty, full of sorrow In my mind I used to see no use in tomorrow Then, like an angel, you came into my life Shinning a light from up above You showered my heart with warmth and love You raised my spirits and healed my soul With your priceless beauty So natural and bold Hearing the name Britney Spears Automatically dried away my tears It made me able to face my fears Cleared my thoughts and made my worries disappear Without a doubt, brought happiness to my ears Your grace and wisdom kept me strong Your guidance and advice never did me wrong It didn’t take too long until you had my heart set The feeling you’ve given me, I’ll never forget It’s something in my soul to cherish, never to regret I love your confidence and self assurance As a person you’re mature and very secure You’re willing to endure rude remarks and unfair judgement Unpleasant comments and statements Cannot reach you to any extent Not one minute is spent feeling dissapointed or upset The soothing sound of your voice brings me at ease I wish I could freeze every moment It keeps me at peace It pleases me It’s a sense of relief I’m in disbelief that someone like you exists It’s incredible one person can do all this You’re that rare beautiful rose That blossoms brightly and strongly grows Is found one in a million And can never be replaced Someone who deserves to be cherished Every moment of everyday You portray an idealistic vision of the perfect woman You meet this image in every single way You empower the female gender And set an example for us today Your gorgeous features are never unseen They never fail to cause a scene Every time I look at you I think of a beauty queen All the money in the world couldn’t compare To your pure sweet heart Full of love, concern and care Your amazing suggestive stare I’m very aware that it shows your inner beauty and sincerity Allows me to see the real you and expresses clarity Your eyes are truly the key into your soul They bring a feeling of immense innocence They’re passionate and very intense They’re deep and full of suspense Commences me to become tense Your smile can be seen from a mile away It can light up a room or consume skies of gray Can chase away my troubles and give me a brighter day It portrays my vision of heaven and why I’m here today It’s the precise solution, what else can I say As you can see, I could carry on about your extraordinary qualities Your uncommon characteristics Without any disagree, there will never be another Britney No one equally so openhearted, superb, remarkable or commendable as you So courteous, decent, well-mannered, distinguished, large in importance, or valuable as you You’ve taught me so much Made me feel loved with your soft touch I thank you from the bottom of my heart You were the answer right from the start There are no words that can describe you Or what you’ve done for me What you’ve brought into my life Changed and freed me Your kind, passionate heart Forgives and forgets what has been said Your love, you share and permit it to spread I’ll let your wise words carry on and hang over my head Come in use for adventures I’ll be taking soon ahead I don’t know how I can repay I’ll display my affection and just pray That God blesses you, the way you’ve blessed me I’ll always be true to you, wish you the best happiness and success That’s a guarantee Without any hesitation I’ll always show you love, respect and dedication To me, you’re salvation I try my best to show appreciation For the times you’ve helped me through situations and frustration A life long journey that people seek To find someone like you, so special and unique So rare and irreplaceable, you’re like a precious antique Sacred, desirable, and highly worthy of praise Are some words that describe you in many ways There’s much more to get into But it’s just too much to continue So I’ll leave you with a short, quick review Tell you something you probably already knew Something that will always be true Britney, From the bottom of my heart I love you By Annie [redacted]

I wonder if the poetry was prompted by the link at the top that says “Poetry Contest.” Lack of line breaks is consistent with the original.

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