"Candace Parker."   Rick Klau is a Google employee who just so happens to be impressed with WNBA star Candace Parker's dunking skills. And so is a young man in San Antonio, TX.
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Candace im yout #1 fan and i love u SO MUCH!!!. Your so good and it dosent hurt that your sexy 2. Please email me or CALL ME!!!!

Hey Candace, its me again i hope u get Drafted to the San Antonio Stars so i can meet u and we can be in the same city! Well Love you candace hope 2 see you soon

my email is [redacted] so if you ever can email me plaese do and can u give it to shannon bobbit too shes cute but not as cute as you Love you Candace


I forget if I’ve mentioned this before:

Early on in my analysis of these posts it became pretty clear that many commenters were female. My advisor wondered, is this because women are more inclined to behave in public fan behavior? Do the same kind of comments get written to sports stars?

Here’s another indication, then, that males do in fact write comments like these, and yes, sports stars are an object of these comments. These three comments themselves are not so interesting (although the commenter appears to return three months later, which is kind of out of the ordinary), but I thought it was sweet he was writing mash notes to a WNBA star.

Please note, blogger works at Google, further supporting my hypothesis that PageRank is a popularity contest which merely inflates the importance of Silicon Valley stars’ personal blogs, causing these gumbaby train wrecks to begin with.

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