"Hoppity Hop!."   When Josh at expressed joy at his discovery that Hoppity Hop toys were still available, he had no idea of the Pandora's box of weirdos he'd be opening.
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Oh yes there are thoes of us that love to watch women ride a hoppity hop , and yes we get turned on by it.
What I like is watching women ride a very large hoppity hop with
way to much air in it and after a while the ball burst , and she falls on her BEhind saying ouch!!
My BEhind!!

This does not mean that the advise I gave about hoppity hops is not true. When I said the hoppity hops that I talked about could take alot of overinflation,
it is true!!.They can get to the
size that you like.Blow them up a bit bigger and KABOOM !!

Please, go read the entire thread. The almost autistic hoppity-hop-diameter-measuring exchange between Samy and mille is strange enough — and then a writer steps in with an off-topic plug for an artist he appears to be obsessed with, and the whole thing transcends to another astral plane entirely:

I emailed my essay called “Marble Lady” on Paul Jaisini’s oil painting with the same title in frequency of 500-1000 emails a day with a limited impact in consideration to the vast amount of Internet subscribers. What I have found was an unprecedented response from the recipients, the readers who were intrigued and even entrapped by this sort of a psychological game , trying to decipher the meaning of the message, it’s content, how it relates to them personally, who is the messenger, why was it sent to them and why they were targeted to such atypical advertisement….

Thanks again to Josh at for passing all of the great threads from his site along (but Josh, you really ought to make your About page more obvious if you want these random commenters to settle down; Jakob Nielsen’s research says so.)

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