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Hello Britney. I want to know when will you come to Thailand. I want to see your concert and every body here.We wait for you long times.I will be happy if you come here plead Britney.WE love your music,your movie and everything about you.Plead Britney come here come to Thailend.

This particular gumbaby, from a guestbook rather than a blog comment thread, is interesting for a few reasons. First, it runs more international than some of the gumbabies which have attracted people looking for celebrity email addresses; in addition to these comments from Thailand, visitors also claim to hail from Mexico, Peru, Canada, Ecuador, possibly also Vietnam and England.

Second — no doubt related — the gumbaby seems to have snowballed because of a typo made by each of these commenters: they left out the T in Britney. Misspelling Britney Spears’s name is a common mistake, as has been pointed out by Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google. It is noteworthy, perhaps, that a number of people made the same typo and came to the same site, ultimately to write in the same kind of message. On the Internet, does misspelling thus foster communities of practice? Does it keep people who demonstrate poor traditional literacy skills running in the same circles, unable to reach the information which might be found by people who spell better?

More insight into how (if not why) people search for Britney Spears can be found at

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