"Common Lisp The Speech Impediment."   Lemonodor is described as "a mostly Lisp weblog." Unfortunately, the blogger does little to make it clear to the assembled masses that he means Lisp the programming language, not lisp the speech impediment.
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i recently had a flu viral infection. lasted 5 days. after which i found that i had aqquired a lisp in my speech. i just had extensive medical studies done; cat scan, MRI, x-rays,neck ultra sound. a speech pathologist found no organic causes. i converse verbally for my living, and i am most distressed about this problem. anyone heard of this happening so suddenly before?

The title of the original post absolutely takes the prize for most misleading title ever. From the original post it appears this is not the only website posting something with this title, either. Congratulations, guys, you’ve created an unkillable, misleading meme. Made the Internet a better place. Mm. The next post on the blog even got spillover from this first one. Many many sad teenagers wanting to have their lisps corrected.

ThanksĀ  to my esteemed colleague Dash for pointing this one out. THANK YOU SMALL CHILD

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