"Pirates of the Caribbean The Curse of the Black Pearl."   The blogger's review runs like this: "Even so, the result still could have been banal, if not necessarily bad. While the setting is picaresque and it's been years since Hollywood's come out with a good seafaring picture (I shudder to remember Renny Harlin's Geena Davis vehicle, which I'm purposely trying not the remember the title of..." The commenters, by contrast, use no such highfalutin' language in trying to reach Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom.
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hello people why are you so obsessed with johny depp i know he is really really hot and is a great actor with fantastic skills but instead of trying to get his info why dont you take acting lessons and work your way up to an actress i always say you need to give to get just like you need to give your time to get johny depp info one day not trying to be mean :)

johny if you read this i want you to know i am inspired by you and when i see one of your movies it brings i smile to my face i am taking acting lessons i want to become an actress even if its hard to become one and if i do not suceed i want to be an under cover agent
johny if you would like to email me please do so at [redacted]@yahoo(and or at)
you dont have to if you dont want to

I like this one because it illustrates some of the fan pecking order interaction that happens: this fan tries to distinguish herself as more knowing than the others, with a knowledge of how one becomes a celebrity, then goes on to write her own very hopeful letter to Johnny Depp. I also like how a number of commenters on threads like these take time to reveal their deepest desires for their futures — they want to become judges, actors, secret agents.

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