"dualing banjos."   Creative titling on a Linux development listserv delivers fans of a backwoods banjo tune.
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Hi,I saw your ad about sheet music for this.

Could you please send it to me?

I did find it on but it looks incomplete.



At some point I was tipped off that elsewhere on the Internet, there was another name for gumbabies: Dueling Banjos. Some guy named Ron on a Debian mailing list titled an email to the list “dueling banjos and ultimate deliverance (was:Re: ITP: portsentry)” and  continued on with an email which is completely opaque to the casual reader. The email was archived online, and the usual search engine magic happened: a handful of people show up requesting the sheet music for Dueling Banjos. This one’s the best, as the reader seems to think he saw an ad saying that the Debian list had the music.

Eventually, the list did the Internet’s bidding, of course, and did post the sheet music. Love it. Self-fulfilling prophecies!

Of course, this is sort of out of the domain of gumbabies, being email and not blog comments (to which I’m limiting my research angle). Really, it’s more the bailiwick of Feedback Fail, which I recently discovered thanks to someone who approached me after my IgniteNYC talk (linking, despite the fact that as of posting they forgot to list my talk :( sadness.) Anyway, Hi, Feedback Fail! Nice work you’re doin over there. We should compare notes.

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