"Johnny Depp and the dead men's chest called Hollywood."   Grant McCracken, anthropologist to the business world, writes a blog which sits at the intersection of academic writing and untrammeled Johnny Depp admiration, apparently.
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Johnny Depp, This is how I see you, you are one big exploading powerball that has enlightened the earth with your mind and spirit.

Have to include this one too, for poignance:

HI.My name is lindsey. I would love to be in a movie with you. I am a very good actress. I think. I am very young though. Im only 10. really. Im telling the truth.
My friend told me to see sweeney todd and i did. Best disision of my life. I admire your acting. You can become a lot of different characters.
Im the weird person at school. I would like that to change. If i’m in a movie with you that could change. I don’t want to be in a movie for the fame though. I love to act.
Once in fourth grade a guy came to your school. He was the owner of rojer rockas.(a theatre in town)He said i was a great actress.He said i should be an actress.
If you could take this into consideration i would be happy to be in a movie with you. Although i don’t think you will. I don’t think anone will read this letter to make me famous.

Such eloquent language, for ravening fans on the wrong site.

Thanks to Suellen Regonini on the AoIR mailing list for passing this one along!

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