"Fan mail!."   A Minnesota blog following local gay and lesbian issues is visited by a host of angry fans after the blogger announces his "marriage" to Smallville star Tom Welling.
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I think everyone who thinks that Tom Welling is gay should take a long hard look at themselves… seems to me that you have some gay tendencies yourself… if you fancy the guy then thats not a problem, everyone on this site does but just cut the crap…you all should be ashamed of yourselves really.

i think you should all count yourself lucky that Tom probably doesnt read this site, coz if he did he would be very disapointed!!!!

Yes, some gay tendencies… I think your tipoff may have been the gigantc MINNESOTA QUEER BLOGS, CLICK HERE image at the top of the page. And the fact that the blogger did say he had married Tom Welling. Mmm.

Eleventh Avenue South is a neat blog that appears to be doing some good work for the queer community in the Midwest, but honestly, Andy, you need to improve your site design. It’s completely incomprehensible. It took me forever to find the “about” page with all that visual clutter and those cutesy titles.

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