"Bob's story about bees."   Josh at posts a funny anecdote about a friend who has to transport a colony of bees in an elevator. Happening upon the site, an 11-year-old who appears to be operating out of a secret supervillain hideout is angered by Josh's lack of hornet expertise.
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I am 11 and i will not tell you what state I am from.I killed 3 hornets nests with a stick.Hornets are hatching out of them and they think im there qeen.I do not want to get rid of them becuase haveing a hornet army will be cool.Could you please just give me some info and percausions?I would like to know how long after they are hatched(as adults of course)they learned to fly.If you do not know i understand. Thank you.

More from Josh at, because he gave me so many lovely examples, and this one turns very funny. The 11-year-old commenter above actually returns to the thread a number of times, days later, unlike most commenters, and gets angry at Josh; here’s how it unfolds after the original comment at September 4th, 2002 at 7:43 pm:

  1. 8

    Adrio says:
    Are you going to anwser me or not?????????????????????????????????

  2. 9

    Adrio says:

  3. 10

    Josh says:
    I have no idea how long it takes hornets to learn to fly. Instead of asking someone who happened to write an anecdote about bees which didn’t even happen to him, you might consider calling your local library and asking them to put you in touch with someone who knows about bees, perhaps a beekeeper. Be sure to tell them it’s because you want a hornet army.

  4. 11

    Adrio says:
    real funny

  5. 12

    Josh says:
    Well, what did you expect? It’s not like this is or something.

  6. 13

    adrio says:
    you seemed like a learned man…next time i`ll judge better

  7. 14

    adrio says:
    you seemed like a learned man…next time i`ll judge better

  8. 15

    Cam says:
    He is a learned man. One of the things he’s learned is how to figure out whom to ask.

    I very much doubt that the hornets think you are their queen. Wasps are said to imprint on food sources, though. If you stand in one place and feed them often, they might figure out that you’re good for a meal. You are unlikely to be able to build a hornet army (if army-building is your desire, I recommend that you develop your evil-robot-building skills) but you could probably have some fun with them. Messing around with hornets could be an awe-inspiring science project, if you’re willing to risk the stings.

    If you like bees, you might enjoy Clan Apis. The author is a biologist who specializes in bees. I don’t know him personally, but he seems like a nice guy. If you politely ask him some questions about bees, he might answer, or at least tell you where to go for answers. Of course, with the school year starting he will be very busy right now.

    Another place to go for insect-related help, if you have access to Usenet, is

    If you’re near a college or university, try calling the biology department; there’s very likely a biologist there who’d talk to you. If you’re nice to them, you can probably get a lot of information about your hornets. Your local extension agent could be a good source, too.… hee hee hee ^_^

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