"Answers to Riddles."   Original post consisted only of answers to riddles found in a Nigerian textbook.
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A few co-workers have a bet to see who has the correct answer to this riddle, please help:
“what is greater than God, more evil than the devil, the poor have it, the rich need it, and if you eat it you will die?”


I’m a dumb-ass. The anwser is “nothing” I should have known that nothing is greater than God.

Full disclosure up front: I’ve been in residence on this comment thread for some time, posting completely spurious responses as Docutoro Riduru/Gus. Not that it seems to make a ripple in the comments by people who still come to looking for riddles.

Sushiesque is your classic wunderkammer-style blog, full of curiosities posted by Christine, who is a friend of mine from college (and the Internet). Many of the things she posts have been gleaned from her work as a librarian. The initial post for this page was one of these: it’s a set of answers to riddles, culled from a Cameroonian textbook. Taken on their own (she did not list the riddles themselves) they are quite strange. (A selection: “7. Moon light
12. Can you climb rain drops, The blade of a knife, cutlass etc? 15. The stomach content invisible. 17. Margots in a latrine.”)

The original post, in classic gumbaby style, seems to go completely unnoticed by the commenters. They come and post requests for answers to riddles; they post answers to riddles others have listed; every now and again they express frustrations with each other; with the site; or with Christine’s friends, like myself, who come by to gawk at the long, rambling train wreck this comment thread has become.

I always wonder how they think they are going to get a response to their questions, especially if they don’t leave their email addresses. Do they actually return to the site, read through the comments thread, and see if someone’s posted their answer? It seems unlikely given that they haven’t read the original post, in the first place.

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