"tom kenny."   Cheesedip: "where lia bulaong obsesses about pop culture, technology, art, politics, and their various intersections." And fans think they can find Tom Kenny, the voice of Spongebob Squarepants.
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hey i also need toms address, i am doing a report in skool, and i have recently desided 2 do my favorite cartoon… spongebob, and we need to interview an xpert on our topic… please… i know that that sounds pretty wierd a young girl wants to do a report on spongebob… but we can do n/e thing we wanted… i was going to do aids… but i desided not to, but my best friends are doing some on Fetis (when the half of a twin gets infected, and the baby becomes pregnant) she is going to interview a collage professor, and my other friend is doing hers on Teen pregnancy… she is going to interview her 16 year old cuzn who has a baby. see, this is alot of percent of our grade, and i really need to talk to Tom Kenny as a expert on my topic, and as a resorec.. so please and thankyou!!

OK, this one’s a twofer because I couldn’t decide between them. It’s well worth checking out the whole thread; there is some really bizarre stuff, including adults who wear “professional” Spongebob costumes, and the usual run of parents looking for favors for their dying children.

Dear Tom,

Your acting was so great that I wish I could work with you in the future for my made up Nicktoon, SpongeAnn SquarePants (SpongeBob’s 1st cousin). I wish that you could live here in San Francisco with us in the Sunset District. I hope that I may sing for you. Did you know that my Saint name for Confirmation was Anne? You’re such a good comedic actor and 1 of my favorite guys of humor. I also wish that you could hear me play the piano. I learned to play the SpongeBob theme and thought of you. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

p.s. Dear Lia Bulaong, your blog post titling system is MADE OF FAIL. i am no longer going to pull punches on this one when bloggers give a post the name of the celeb they’re writing about.

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