Complaint Service invites you to complain about any company, then posts your complaint online. Who runs the site?
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Drake Institute is a drug free facility for cure for Add and Adhd I paid $5500 in November of 2007 and I took my 9 years old for 30 sessions and it did not help at all and still we have to give him medication they did not tell us the truth and we saw there bunch of kids running the place. Some has to stop this PLACE

Complaint Service is apparently owned by the same people who own Beg For Dollars (which I have already featured), and like that site, it appears that it might be be phishing for personal information. It ostensibly offers a service — space for random surfers to bring to light mistreatment by various companies — but the effects of these complaints appear to be minimal, as the site has no connection to the companies being complained about, no means of socially connecting users so that they can share information, and, in fact, few connections to any other pages at all. The “Service” moniker is an empty promise, but is reinforced by a text field which instructs people who have already posted a complaint to “enter their activation code.” (I sent in a complaint, and am waiting to see what information is requested once I have the code.) Like Beg For Dollars, Complaint Service has no “about” page to speak of. It went down earlier this summer, and appears to have cleared out a number of earlier entries, which strikes me as questionable.

The site is rationalized on one page as “giv[ing] you a chance to warn others about a business, product, or service that has not lived up to the expectation that you expect and deserve as a customer.[...] You’ve nothing to lose.” Mhmm. Until you perhaps complain about your own company, and your boss goes Googling for your name.

One of the Internet’s many dead ends, serving as a catch-all for the cries of those who don’t have the skills to get to a place where they might actually find assistance or justice.

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