"Shower time!."   Ethan Zuckerman, a co-founder of technology NGO Geekcorps, brings his readers' attention to political satire in a South African commercial for condoms. And a commenter from rural Massachusetts judges this as a great time to ask him about international adoption.
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We are a local Berkshires family trying to raise enough money to adopt a child from Africa. Do you have any suggestions on how to spread the word? I am trying to keep the blog up to date.

And she links to her own blog, Blue Collar Adoption. Apparently she eventually raised enough money; she now has an Ethiopian child whose full name she puts up on the blog (to the chagrin of those who consider such exposure a risk).

At first I didn’t know whether to consider this shameless overpromotion or just sweet naivete about interface: posting a request for help in getting a baby to a post about condoms? Because you want an African baby, and the guy’s blog is about Accra? (“Hay, ur from Africa, do u know Thabo?” Damn big continent, ya eejit.) Because you need a ton of money to pull this off, so you might as well ask everyone you possibly can?

I’m coming down on the side of “sweet naivete,” though, because it turns out the blogger is a co-founder of Geekcorps, an NGO which sends techies down to do good works in Africa. Dude probably knows a thing or two about fundraising and Africa, so a plea to him could be justified. I am guessing the poster just didn’t realize the text box was going to plaster her comment on the page for all to view. On the page about a darkly funny parody about a South African political figure accused of rape, whose approach to HIV prevention consisted of taking a shower. Mmmmhm.

Also: I am assuming “local Berkshires family” means “family living rather than vacationing in the Berkshires” — hence the Blue Collar on that Adoption — because the Berkshires are not exactly local to Accra.

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