"Another step in finding my father?."   If you comment on "A weblog by Tom Coates concerning future media, social software and the web of data," will your lost father come out of the woodwork? What if Coates is looking for his father, too?
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Im trying to find my biological father. His name is Gilbert Garcia. He doesnt know I am his daughter. I think he was serviced in Fort Hood. It had to be in 1971. because i was born in March 1972. My mom said she met him in Houston, but my aunt said it was Dallas so i dont know. Please help

I’ve been working on finding another common gumbaby theme — finding lost parents — but it proves a little trickier than finding threads of celebrity seekers.

I’m sort of feeling like any blog post which turns into a forum thread is sort of a marginal case. I mean, why not add your own questions and info to someone else’s post about finding your parents? A number of the commenters on this thread have done just that, sharing information about possible tools and tactics for finding missing persons.

But then again, this commenter only throws out a request to find her father without responding to anyone else in the thread. It appears she didn’t make use of the initial post, which does in fact point to a few useful resources for finding lost parents. Is Gilbert Garcia out trolling the Internet the way this commenter is, looking for lost children? Well, hell, who knows, maybe he is. It’s more likely than Miley Cyrus going out looking for her doubtless millions of Internet accolades and requests for friendship.

My suspicion is that while these commenters are searching, their tactics are much the same as the people looking for celebs: enter search term, pick first result, look for text box, comment without reading. I have no proof yet that this is any gumbaby commenter’s pattern, but I think it would be worth watching the daddy-seekers as well as the others.

Regardless, Varenne seems to think I only ought to be formally looking at threads where the bloggers have identified these comments as a problem, so this thread wouldn’t count. Gonna keep looking…

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