"Is Bounti Killa Quiet Because Of Court Case?."   On a blog about reggae, fans testify for the staying power of their favorite stars, addressing them in the first person. Is Bounti Killa listening?
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killa u a the real big man u gone a lead keep up the good work that u are doing ,mek the hpypocrit then gwoan talk last u most of them were talking all type of thibgs about u now they want u to get in to them bag a mix up an blenda .mek them f………off ,killa u a the real bigman this is comming from one of ur biggest fan love u baby .let them say wha them want to say .any thing u chat u no tek it back love u killa all the time

I included this one because I love the rich textual rendering of Jamaican English — which my limited familiarity with Caribbean forums suggests is not unusual — but I feel like this is kind of a marginal case as gumbabies go.

First of all, the blog does appear to do interviews with reggae stars, and get behind-the-scenes gossip about them firsthand, implying that that the blog might, in fact, have a direct line to the ears of the musicians.

Second, comments addressed directly to the celebrities are slightly different than the usual ones in a gumbaby post. Most commenters are apparently not looking for a response from the celebrities — they’re just testifying about some element of the celeb’s persona.

The form of address feels more like an apostrophe. This raises some questions: Do these reggae fans see their relationship to their favorite celebrities differently than, say, fans of Oprah or Miley Cyrus? Is the purpose of commenting to a forum then different? And it reopens the question, do any of these fans really believe their words reach the celebs?

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