"World Bank 2006 Essay Competition - Wanted: Your Practical Ideas!."   Blogger Tiara writes, "The World Bank has launched their annual Essay Competition for youths 18-25. This year’s topic is Wanted: Your Practical Ideas [for solving community problems]!" Tiara is not personally looking for ideas, but commenter batty_babe15 has a few helpful ideas in mind for essay topics.
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I recently wrote an essay about how the world will end and my 10th grade teacher thought it was really good but could be a lot better so if you want to you can use that idea

The supporting paragraphs were on war (nuclear and PMS), disease (AIDS, avian, bubonic plague), natural phenominon (global warming, ice age), and the supernatural (God, aliens, Hell freezing over and Zombies walking the earth)

You can use this or whatever but there it is…

I’ve already included one gumbaby from EducateDeviate, but as blogger Tiara has been a regular reader and contributor — and this comment is so bizarre – I had to include it.

I love that the commenter thinks that it’s reasonable to suggest her own essay for someone else — particularly an 18-25-year-old — to use in a competition. I am chilled by the fact that someone’s 10th-grade teacher put a stamp of approval on an essay like this.

And I love the fancifulness of the selected topic, and the included possibilities (zombies! bird flu! PMS war!) for global annihilation. I mean, what is PMS war, anyway? I asked Wikipedia for alternate meanings for that acronym, and came up with Postmarketing Surveillance, Pantone Matching System, Pre-main Sequence Star (this is an astronomy term), Pop’n Music Script, and Potassium Metabisulfite. None of these quite seem to be what the commenter was getting at, though my imagination is having a field day with the possibilities of warfare involving any of the above.

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  1. …y’know, I totally missed the zombies and the PMS part of that comment. I just assumed it was just another person misunderstanding my post. LOL

    Comment by Tiara — August 4, 2008 @ 1:35 pm

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