"Jerry Blank Hits The Big Screen."   Amy Sedaris's cellulite-assed, bucktoothed character Jerri Blank on the show Strangers With Candy described herself as "a boozer, a user, and a six-time loser." And apparently that's attractive to German expats living in San Francisco -- enough so that they're moved to comment on the weblogs of random graphic designers.
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oh my……….listen amy….when the lunchbell rings why don’t you……..mmmm
nobody ever made me laugh like you….every day you make my day every quote is great……hey lets make some lunchmoney on the side together
your biggest fan Mike….from germany living in SF

I wish I had more indication this was a joke. The commenter lives in the same town as the blogger, so maybe it’s a joke from a friend? Maybe he was posting stoned? On a dare? Otherwise, this would win for creepiest gumbaby yet.

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