"How to cancel an AOL account in 3 minutes."   The blogger's description of what's going on: "Morons who subscribe to AOL have made this site (sort of) famous. Over two years ago I posted a simple, quick little link about how a guy canceled his AOL account in 3 minutes. Nothing really exciting about the link, really, but for some reason the entry got listed well on Google (as well as this search), so people are coming to the page, thinking that by posting a comment on my site, I can somehow cancel their AOL account (even to the point where some idiots were posting usernames, password, credit card numbers, etc...)"
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I am Akhil and working for AOL cancellation in new delhi,India.

LoL…american company shifting jobs to india.
Its easy to cancel AOL but u americans are really duffer.

This thread is astoundingly long, and I think most notable for the AOL representatives who show up to defend their company and their work. My runner-up for a post from this thread was the following quiet cry in the wilderness:

I love AOL,i dont know why its hard for people to understand that there is a big difference between a parent company and a child one.AOL started the internet world,any new thing that comes in the internet world it comes to AOL first.Dont u see the advertisement telling u about the safety features that AOL provides,see im concerned about my safety and security,now the ball is in your court.Think like an adult,dont be just concerned about the money.

AOL started the Internet world? Don’t you see the advertisement about the safety features? LOL… u americans are really duffer!

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