"How we work: Mohamed al-Fayed, retailer."   A blog about "art, architecture, books, maps, stories, and occasionally how teams and systems work" posts about the alleged interrogation techniques of Mohamed al-Fayed, father of deceased Princess Diana paramour Dodi. And the weirdos start coming out of the woodwork...
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This puts me in mind of letters received by an author-friend of my mother’s. For some time he received letters from an off-kilter fan who wrote pages upon pages without some major element of speech — I forget if it was pronouns, or articles, or verbs in a particular tense, or what. Does schizoid paranoia also entail methodical written tics?

So once again, it’s not that the Internet has invented anything new here; it just makes more visible the peculiar writing practices people have engaged in for years.

Thanks to the MetaFilter reader who referred me to rodcorp; the site has two other gumbaby hits as well.

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