"An Email from the Michael Jordan of Economics."   Kids, "The Michael Jordan of Economics" isn't actually Michael Jordan. Bloggers, it's kind of stupid to use celebrity names as blog post titles. OK, everyone?
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My name is Corey [REDACTED], I am 17 years old and i live in Bloomington,Ill. Your are the best basketball player I have ever seen. You have set me to believe anything is possible even if it isn’t. My mom and my aunt told me that my very first two words that came out of my mouth was Michael Jordan. I have collected Everything that involves you including,posters, magazines, cards, books, I even have the movie Space Jam. I am addicted to Basketball and that is because you have showed me that basketball is life. You are My role Model and always will be even though you have retired. Ever since you left the Chicago Bulls they haven’t been anything. My dream is to be in the NBA and even though my mom doubts it I know that i can make it because you have built my set my self esteem to the moon and back. I have always wanted to go to a NBA game but i doubt that will happen because i live in bloomington and my mom has to take care of 4 other kids. I have always wanted to see you in person even if you are retired. My number one wish is to get an autograph from you that would be the greatest thing in my life. I am so addicted to Basketball that i sleep with one. I also sleep with your cards right next to me. If i could talk to you over the phone i would be so happy. I have been playing basketball on a team for 13 years and i will never stop. I also wish that you come back to the NBA because your the main act like a clown at a circus. You mean so much to me even though i don’t= know you but I am the biggest fan in the world of you. I play basketball outside everyday for about 4-5 hours pretending like I am in the NBA and maybe someday i will be. I play in the snow, rain, 100 degreez weather because i love basketball. My first tatoo will be the jumpman sign because i believe that it represents you. There will never be another person on this earth that is as good as you. My phone number is [REDACTED...].
Your biggest fan Corey [REDACTED] P.S. Could you please call me or send me an Autograph I would be the happiest person in the world.

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