"Spiders! Ack!."   Josh Larios is icked out by spiders. But little does he suspect, when he confesses his fear on his blog, that the world will deluge his website with questions, advice, and anecdotes about the little eight-legged terrors.
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My brother in law was moving boxes at work and he was bit by a spider. He said that his hand went numb for 10 minutes and that it felt like a needle went through his hand. On Tuesday he said his finger was itchy and it looked like there was something white in his finger and today Wednesday he said it hurt and there was a red mark. Today he caught it at work and described it as this It’s head is black with a reddish brown outline the tail part is black with white stripes. He works in Massachusetts but the company he works for gets deliveries from Kentucky. Do you know what kind of spider bit my brother in law?

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