"How to sell a wedding dress.."   Blogger Ampersand was only re-posting the popular internet story of the man who posed in his wife's wedding dress to sell it on Ebay. Little did he know the title would attract brides from around the world advertising their own used (or unused) wedding dresses.
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This forum sounds like an AA meeting: Hi, my name is Kate and I’m trying to sell a wedding dress! Just kidding, not trying to offend anyone! :) I can’t believe such an extensive forum exists! Well, here it goes. I am trying to sell a very simple and elegant ivory matte satin dress, A-line with an empire waist and silver detailing, that I bought in August. It’s brand new and unaltered with tags. It’s a size 12, but as I’m sure many of you know that translates into about a size 4-6 in regular dress sizes. You can check it out on Ebay, it’s item #8143523017 (do an advanced search by item number). Hope someone is interested!! It is stunning!

Aha! We’ve found you out! So you think this is a forum, do you? IT’S NOT A FORUM, you jackass, it’s a blog!

OK, well… now you and your… 210 fellow brides-to-be have, um… made it a forum, I guess.

There’s the twist with threads like this one. Sometimes, the hijacked purpose of the the thread becomes its real purpose, by sheer dint of weight. So many more lines here are devoted to buying and selling wedding dresses than were devoted to the original commentary on the man selling his ex’s dress. And it appears that commenters are actually listening and talking to each other.

This isn’t the best comment in the thread, by any means; I just thought the “forum” comment was telling. It’s worth scanning the entire thing. Look for the women angry or disappointed because they were left at the altar by their fiances (including one who notes her ex delayed the wedding because he was fooling around); the “two gown bride” who isn’t wearing either because she decided to elope and buy a house instead (what the hell?!); the balance of certain designers mentioned on the page; the woman who claims to have gone from a size 26 to a size 14 (did she buy the dress before she even met the man she was engaged to?!); the plea for a donation of a wedding dress because the family business just shut down (didn’t want to post yet another hard-luck story up here), and my personal favorite, the dress “made with the most layers of towle ever put on a dress; 14 Layers!” Fourteen layers of towel! I can’t help but think of this guy. (Pretty sure she meant “tulle.”)

Ampersand, the blogger who mounted the original post, is unusual in that s/he has commented in the thread that s/he actually quite enjoys what this thread has turned into.


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  2. OK, maybe the previous comment is spam, but I approved it anyway because there’s a certain handwritten feel to it which makes me think… There are certain kinds of spam which do seem to be handwritten by people being paid to do so… wondering if this is one of those.

    *looks again* Ah, rats. There’s a number of sites out there which have near-matches for “our company has a favourable campaign; This is a god-given chance.” But not, like, thousands. And not an exact match. Was this hand-posted by someone? arrrgh marginal cases…

    Comment by Gus Andrews — July 14, 2008 @ 5:07 pm

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