"Ketchup of the People."   Blogger Jonathan Rouse loves to order "personalized printed crap" online, so he fantasizes about ordering a customized bottle of Heinz ketchup. Someone else suggests he make some customized M&Ms as well. And hapless dead-tree-publication-reader Norma subsequently worries she needs to order ketchup to get to the M&Ms.
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I found the order for custom printed m & m’s in the coupon section of the providence journal sunday paper. It said nothing about ordering ketchup first or anything about the blog. All I wanted was to surprise my 80 year old aunt who loves m & m’s with this special custom order. What is this a scam or something? If it is, it’s pretty cruel? Please respond.

Nothing to say but OMG so funny, and thanks to MeFi member Jonson for getting back to me with links to his original posts. This is not the only request for M&Ms he got.

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