"Official Website of Little Jimmy Dickens."   Where is the Official Website of Little Jimmy Dickens? It's not on; nor does it appear to be the page Family First links to. All that is immaterial; if you post somewhere near Jimmy Dickens's name, maybe he'll get back to you.
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My name is Donna Slade. I am the daughter of James Laurence Slade. He was a song writer he wrote “Take an old cold Potato” When my sister Cindy was a baby..little Jimmy Dickens took her on stage and showed her off and said “Have you ever seen such a beautiful baby?”. My dad who lived in Purvis and Poplarville Mississippi…and one day when we were out with my father..he saw Little Jimmy Dickens’s bus and chased it down. Jimmy Dickens’s got off and asked which one of your kids took on stage. My father replied “This one” pointing to my sister Cindy.Jimmy Dickens replied “She is still a beauty”. I am commenting all this in hopes to ajar a memory.. My father had nine children and we remember the songs he wrote. We have the rough draft of “I saw Momma Kissing Santa” My dad would sell his songs for $10 or $30 dollars. I feel sad that I hear these songs on the radio..and I know who wrote them. For the sake of my passing dad and the truth of his life. I pray God would bestow in your heart to let me know if you remember my father.

If you look, the Internet is full of stories like these from seniors seeking a connection. I sort of wish they were being archived properly in the Library of Congress or something, rather than being tacked up on websites which appear to be fronts for search engine optimization (take a good look at the screenshot from the page being described in this blog post and you’ll see what I mean. Most of the sites this page links to are like that. I suppose it’s possible the blogger is just as clueless as the commenters, though.) At least it would be nice if these folks had their own blogs. The Internet isn’t a friendly place for memories like these.

Little Jimmy Dickens, by the way, is the guy who wrote “May The Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose.” This may not mean anything to you, but my parents used to sing this to me periodically. I’m serious. I remember the lyrics, even. “May an elephant caress you with its toes…”

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