"Maury's Blooper."   From comments posted to an anecdote about a blogger visiting Maury Povich's show and watching as Maury mistakenly identified an audience member's gender.
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This isn’t a comment it’s just that I have tried every way possable to find a way to get a letter to Maury. I’m 38 years old and i’m with a man I love very much we want a child but there are some complications. The doctors that Maury may know maybe they could help me. My clock is ticking and I dont know how long I may have left to have a child. Please help me.

The MetaFilter post which initially brought this comment thread to light has attracted a wealth of other instances of the gumbaby phenomenon. I’ll add more of them soon.

The original post features a photo of Maury Povich, along with a chatty anecdote about the author visiting Maury Povich’s talk show and watching the host make a grave error in judgment about an audience member’s gender.

Pleas to Maury Povich reflect common themes on his show. Commenters want him to help them find lost fathers, fix their teeth, help them have children, realize their own dreams of becoming musicians or actors. As one might expect, pathos piles up quickly in these misplaced missives to the talk show host. Stories of lives staggering under multiple problems — medical disasters, errant children, homelessness, drug dealing — are common.

Because the post seems to have gotten so much attention on MeFi, and possibly elsewhere, the comments are riddled with parodies of authentic requests for Maury’s attention, posters claiming to be Maury, and baffled and irritated comments from visitors who are aware that the blog’s owner is not actually Maury.

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