"Live in Love strap."   A website devoted to things left behind in laundry rooms gets commercial, then heavy, when people who actually know the meaning(s) of an abandoned bracelet show up to comment.
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Many people still miss jt, trust me they really do. LIfe won’t ever be the same, especially to those who did know him. I’ll always love him, you can argue with me if you want, but trust me i knew he did to.

But no matter what is going on in your life or someone’s you know. Don’t ever decide to leave the ones you love behind. Just always “Live in Love”

I’m about ready to declare this the coolest gumbaby I’ve seen so far. It’s so convoluted, and its evolution gives you the same hairs-standing-up-on-your-neck feeling you’ve probably had if a gumbaby has shown up on your own blog.

Josh Millard keeps a blog where he speculates about items people leave behind in the laundry room of his building. In this post, he finds a ribbon printed with the words “LIVE IN LOVE.” He muses that it might be a leftover from a broken BDSM relationship, goes into a brief reverie about a Goth girl he once knew, and leaves it at that.

The first poster points out that the bracelet is sold where Lucky Brand clothing is sold. Simple, right?

Four months later, a whole flotilla of new commenters show up. They’re looking for the bracelet because they believe it was made to commemorate a classmate of theirs who committed suicide. One commenter angrily directs others not to talk if they didn’t know him, because he/she actually did. Apparently the kid, JT, wore a bracelet like this.

Yes, the commenters here are all talking about the original topic of the post, but the discussion roams so far from the original tone of detached speculation that I felt it needed to be included here. It might even be worth thinking of this as a reverse gumbaby, or a multidirectional gumbaby: the original poster had no idea what was going on, the classmates had no idea it was just a mass-market bauble, the shoppers have no idea what it means to the classmates and can’t figure out that Josh doesn’t sell the things he shows on his site. Lovely.

Thanks to Josh for responding to my MeFi query!

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