"Greenpeace Organizing Team ‘07 - Applications Open."   An alternative education blog posts a number of links suggesting internships and scholarships for youth. The blogger specifies that the Greenpeace internship she links to is only for those over 18, but that doesn't discourage this young animal-loving commenter.
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Dear Greenpeace,
My name is Mallory [REDACTED], I was wondering if you guys ley 13 year olds work there. I am 13yrs old and I love animals to death, I myself have 10 dogs, 1 rabbit, 2 fish, 2 cats, and 2 hermit crabs. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter, please write me back.
Sincerely, Mallory [REDACTED]

I find this completely touching, as I might have written a similar letter myself — around that age I was petitioning the local humane society to let me work for them. And her wording is funny. One wonders whether Greenpeace would actually hire someone who loves animals to death even if they weren’t 13.

Many thanks to alternative-ed blogger Tiara for being the first one from MetaFilter to send me solid links for this project — and she sure sent me a number. Because she posts a number of opportunities for youth from NGOs, Tiara gets confused with these NGOs with some regularity: she’s been mistaken for Oxfam, the World Bank, the International Youth Initiative Program, the International Youth Volunteering Summit, the UN, and a range of essay competitions, as well as other bloggers she has linked to. (I’m not linking to the World Bank one here because it really deserves its own post.) Again, it looks like the critical point of misunderstanding here is the post title; Tiara titled each of her posts with the name of the contest she was linking to, which I am getting the feeling correlates with a high gumbaby concentration. Just a hunch. Anyway, thanks, Tiara!

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  1. LOL. Your hunch your be correct. I posted a “help me” post for the World Youth Congress asking if anyone could sponsor a ticket to Quebec, and I’ve had a string of people either asking for help or trying to air their grievances with the WYC. Just this morning I received a long detailed email – both as a comment and as an email – from someone in Ethiopia asking me for financial support!

    If I had any money would I be asking for help!? :P

    Comment by Tiara — May 12, 2008 @ 12:41 pm

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