"Oscar GutiĆ©rrez."   Can you reach a celebrity through their IMDB profile? How about through their profile on an IMDB wanna-be site?
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oh and if u r rey mysterio could u add me if u can send me a messageaand if u add me im a big big fan of u i might c y this year in scotland if u r there at aberdeen im from scotland iv got a toy of u

OK, a very young commenter, yes. And this is one of those liminal cases I’m always a little leery of posting, because the commenter expresses some uncertainty as to whether he has actually found a direct line to the celebrity.

I wanted to highlight a couple of elements here, though. First of all, this comment was not posted to a blog, but rather a sort of small IMDB-like movie review site which had a profile for the wrestler Rey Mysterio. With the development of a new method for finding gumbabies, I’ve turned up a great many more celebrity-directed comments on sites like these. Some of the sites even look like they are just SEO magnets, with no real content, just serving to inflate the PageRank of other sites.

Interestingly, this one required people create user profiles to comment. So though the commenter was not able to determine if the site was somehow connected to Rey Mysterio, he was web-capable enough to make a profile.

Second, here’s some more evidence that sports stars and other male-oriented celebrities get comments like these too. My adviser and I were wondering about that, considering most of the comments are from females. This commenter is male, but many others on the site were female. I did find another WWE (World Wrestling) gumbaby, which had many more male commenters, but it was on a television network site and hence I felt it was even more of a liminal case.

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