"Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen."   The original post decries the mindless commercialization of two young TV stars, but the commenters don't care -- they just want to see them naked. (Some of the thread's language is Not Safe For Work.)
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hey People. All of you that think Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen will not pose…..God have mercy on you because you are very miss informed people.
I have talked to Mary-Kate and Ashley over Msn, and Yahoo! and they stated that they are going to pose. All of you people that disagree with that then just stop cause they are both very open people. MK&A WILL POSE AND AL THAT SAY THEY WONT GO TO HELL OR SUMTIN CAUSE YOU ARE WRONG.
P.s. Dont ask for there e-mails cause i will not give it to you.
Sincerly Adam (Leon) Fillion….just call me Leon in the posts you send

Those of you who have been following along for a while know this comment thread is from my own blog. This is one of the first threads like this which caught my attention, and if you look for the comments from “Gus” in the thread, you’ll see my early reactions to the Gumbaby phenomenon.

At the time I was completely baffled and frustrated with the people appearing on my site, but as I look at it now this is really one of the milder gumbabies out there. I did mention Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen posing for Playboy; I did title my post with their name and no indication of the gist of my rant — perhaps if I’d titled it “Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are a commercial brand, not people,” posters would have been clearer on what was going on. I don’t imagine the average American would really understand why someone was reacting angrily to the idea that people were being reduced to commercial logos to sell tripe.

This comment in particular strikes me because of the commenter’s boasts that he’s talked to the twins personally. What leads a person to claim things like that to complete strangers online — or possibly to an empty void, as there’s no guarantee anyone will read a comment thread?

But of course, commenters here do read the thread somewhat more than they have in other gumbabies, and comment back to each other, and I wonder about that — there’s sort of a forum-like vibe going on here which does not come up on other gumbabies.

I also love that there’s two competing threads looking to hijack my original point. One is horny boys looking for naked pics; the other is young fans of the stars defending their purity. (But like so many gumbabies, everyone’s still looking for the stars’ email addresses.) When I did a little textual analysis of the thread, there were some interesting distinctions between the ways the two factions mustered evidence to support themselves. While the naked-picture seekers talked about legal statutes and print, the fans tended to rely on evidence from TV shows. I find this very interesting, and I do think it may figure strongly in research I do about the domain knowledge of the people commenting (their knowledge about how the entertainment industry works and their take on the reliability of fictional information found on TV).

A few more small notes — note how Adam (Leon??) signs off as if this is a letter. A lot of people do, but I’m still trying to decide why. Also, he invites feedback from other readers — but never leaves his email address.

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