"Movie: Holes."   Another personal blog which screaming teenagers mistook for a direct line to an actor...
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hey kleeo u are the HOTTEST guy i have seen and you are mine!!!!!!!!!!!

The statement of personal claim to Khleo Thomas and/or his heart/home/hawt bod was boisterously repeated multiple times in this thread. Teen and pre-teen girls make these kinds of claims all the time, on lockers, notebooks, mass-market handbags and hats, and to each other in school, so it’s up in the air whether all of them really thought they were speaking to Thomas here. (They were also universally misspelling his name.) Some threads seem to take on a life of their own, with commenters referring more to each other than they do in other posts; here, girls shot each other down as rightful claimants to the title Mrs. Khleo Thomas. At times like these I’m almost hesitant to include the threads on Gumbaby. When commenters hijack threads to their own devices, who really owns the purpose of the thread — them, or the original posters? Ultimately, though, this blogger had final say — he shut down the thread, turning off comments.

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