"The iOS7 thing.."   Sasha Agapov mocks Apple designer Jony Ive's choices. A commenter arrives and addresses her own concerns to Ive.
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Dear Mr. Ive,

I am so disappointed with iOS 7. It is difficult for my 65 year old eyes; it is difficult to use and very “cold” in appearance.

I am just an “ordinary user”. I loved iOS 6. Friendly,easy to use, easy to see.

And I find it very controlling that I had less than 2 days to go back to “6”. In life we often have more than one day to redo a mistake.

I found information to indicate you are a “minimalist”. That is fine in a private life; however, I find it questionable to impose your personal views on the rest of society via your design for iOS 7 without an ability to alter various aspects of “your program” to fit another lifestyle.

Sylvia Dunning
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Annnnnd we’re back! Dunno if anyone even noticed was down for a while there. Yoz and I let the domain lapse, and I didn’t notice until Volt4ire sent me this find.

This letter, by someone who ostensibly “can’t read” well enough to know this Tumblr is making fun of Ive rather than being written by him, manages to say something relatively sophisticated about the deployment of design which I’ve been struggling to say myself as I have written about usability and design choices. The changes imposed by a designer break the habits, preferences, and patterns of the user. There are times when this is needed because an interface has been kludged together (yes, I worked on usability for Second Life) but a great many times these decisions seem to be made by executive fiat without regard to who is inconvenienced. Agapov’s original post says more along these lines. I have more to say about this, but that’s a topic for another post on my main blog.

(The poster notes this letter was OKed for public publication by Sylvia, hence I haven’t redacted her name),

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