"Top Ten World’s Richest People 2007."   A simple Internet equation: Mention of the world's richest people = direct line to their ears.
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hi day i seen in newspaper tht lakshmi mittal earns 1,50,000 per minute.from tht day i started treating u as my into software domain im on my job takes nearly 6 months to get a job that to 10-20k per parents invested lot of money on me for my 22yrs old.. i want to stat a business im getting lot of ideas but how to start…how to get money….etc… can i work for 3-4 years and start business with my own money or ..? eventualluy i want to be your competitor.

I was a little hesitant to post from this thread, as the comments tend towards the stereotypical. Many of them are from Africans, some of whom present in classic “Nigerian spammer” fashion, from tortured English right down to providing account numbers, and I don’t really want to perpetuate a stereotype of Africans as technologically backwards.

Generally, I hesitate to post comments from people who request aid from celebrities. It’s a very common genre of request, which ranges from “I’d like your advice” to “I have a business venture you should take part in.” It always gives the impression that the commenter is either crazy or desperate, and I feel like that’s how readers are going to react. Once you see enough of these, though, you see that while the commenters are pretty clearly desperate, the requests for assistance form a pattern which has a logic all its own. This is not just a bunch of random crazies; whoever they are (and they come from all over the world), making requests like these of celebrities is a pretty standard thing to do.

Ultimately, though, most of these are not just spam-style scams. Plenty of them are pleas from businesspeople who are struggling to survive, from students who can’t afford to stay in school. The way the mere mention of the names of the richest people in the world draws comments from these people, like fish rising to peck at the surface of a pond, is a little sad. This one in particular struck me, as the commenter explains how hard it is for him to find work that amounts to even a fraction of a percent of the net worth of the world’s richest people.

Again, this post attracted a huge number of non-Americans commenting. I’m wondering what combination of queries, engines, and portals led to this cluster.

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