"Oprah Winfrey: We will miss you."   In a recent post, the developers behind the web browser Opera recently shared, on the occasion of the last episode of her show, a number of emails directed to Oprah Winfrey which they had erroneously received.
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Dear Oprah,
It was brought to my attention by an aquaintance that if you add the age you will be this year to the last two digits of the year you were born, the sum would equal 111. I tried it for the family around me….and it works. I would really like to have an expert Numeralogist shed light on this coincidence. Do you think the number 111 has any significance? Can you use this on one of your shows? I’m asking you because I don’t know where else to ask such a question. Thank you, [redacted]

Of course, the torrential flow of misdirected fan activity is unlikely to dry up — it’s not like Oprah is leaving the public eye, just starting a whole new stable of television shows helmed by celebrities who will certainly also be the target of comments pleading for help. It’s the cirrrrrcle of liiiiiiiife…

Thanks to those of you who passed this along. Email is of course not always as public as blog comments, so it’s always neat to get insight into where else and why this is happening. The same misunderstandings appear to be just as common over email; seems like everyone has a story like this. When I was working at a Caltech alumni magazine, we’d often get email from people who desperately wanted to contact Professor So-And-So because they’d invented a SOLAR SAIL that will TAKE US TO THE SUNNNNN or some similarly caps-locked flight of fancy.

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