"John Edward to speak to victims."   Pushby, a design collective, briefly notes (in English) that psychic John Edward will try to contact victims of 9/11. The 445 comments posted in response mostly address John Edward personally -- in Spanish.
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JOHN , soy de CHILE POR FAVOR, me gustaria k me respondieras.
My Mother is died, since two week.

Hola John, please. I need to know if it(he,she) sucks this one well and excuses me for everything. And if she(it) not this eonajada with me.
For that I hope that God exists because I was not with her(it) in the last one in the navidad for HIM(IT).

She was called Ana Plaza, I HER(IT) Love An ANGEL.
Always veiamos your program with her(it).

So beyond the problems of coming up with a search query, scanning the results for a reasonable page, and figuring out how to make the comment box work, you also have to wrestle with the vagaries of translation software… which is a cruel taskmistress even when you aren’t using web neologisms like “k” for “que” or misspelling “enojada”…

The number of Spanish comments to this English-language site was startling. One wonders –was traffic on Yahoo’s Spanish language site being driven to this page?

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