"Friendly Ice Cream Corporation Corporate Office."   On a linkfarm page as barren as the Siberian steppe, Friendly's customers pour their hearts out about those great human themes: ice cream and customer service.
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In the ice cream cakes could Friendly’s Find why there’s a reduction on cookies in the center,it slants down on both sides before it’s reachs the edge…

And a response:

Pieter, as a former employee I can shed light on your concern with the ice cream cakes. They are simply made that way. It is not a fault in the production process or anything of that nature. For instance, if you look at the packaging for any ice cream cake, the picture of the slice clearly shows that the cookie layer does not reach the edge. There’s no way to change it, not that Friendly’s would care. They only care about the money you give them.

Thanks to Itamar for the heads-up.

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