"MySpace Launches Developer Services Program."   At least he didn't post a phone number.
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Developers: I do not know how to contact you because my default mail is not set up. My family wants my brother, Wes [redacted]. taken OFF of myspace!! First off, he is a CONVICTED FELON AND HABITUAL OFFENDER! Second, that account is NOT really him, it was set up by his wife (who is now divorcing him) in an attempt to “pretend” to be him! Wes [redacted], my brother, is now PRESENTLY INCARCERATED on a federal felony probation violation in Marquette, Michigan. Federal PO officer is Josh Heckman from Marquette to verify that information. Please pull this website from myspace! It is creating havoc, turmoil, anger, and privacy violations feelings from my family! The URL address for “my brother, Wes [redacted]” (only it is really his now wife, Jessica [redacted]) is: Please help us fix this issue! All of our information can be verified through public records and a few phone calls. We thought that CONVICTED FELONS AND HABITUAL OFFENDERS ARE NOT EVEN ALLOWED TO BE ON MYSPACE IN THE FIRST PLACE!! Please fix this and get his name and photo off of your public information!!! Thank you!

This one’s pretty marginal; it is, after all, posted within the domain… but still, there’s no way that Boo Boo Bear here meant to post this publicly. (I am not making this up; that is the name he posted under, despite or perhaps in relation to his MySpace profile’s evidence that he is a card-carrying ass man who does not want us to ever forget 9-11 but doesn’t mind if we suffer through a few auto-loading sounds.) Wonder if he understands how this comment will affect his brother’s Internet presence once he gets out of jail and tries to get a job.

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